Mainboard Asus H81M-K


Mainboard Asus H81M-K

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Chíp xử lý
Intel® Socket 1150 for 4th Generation Core™ i7/Core™ i5/Core™ i3/Pentium®/Celeron® Hỗ trợ Intel® 22 nm CPUHỗ trợ công nghệ Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0
Card đồ họa
Bộ xử lý đồ họa tích hợp hỗ trợ đầu ra Multi- VGA : cổng DVI/RGB – Hỗ trợ DVI với độ phân giải tối đa. 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz- Hỗ trợ RGB với. độ phân giải tối đa 1920 x 1200 @ 60 HzBộ nhớ chia sẻ tối đa 1024 MBHỗ trợ đồ họa Intel® InTru™ 3D, Quick Sync Video, Công nghệ video HD , Insider™
Loại Ram
2 x DIMM, Max. 16GB, DDR3 1600/1333/1066 MHz Không ECC
Intel® H81
Khe cắm mở rộng
1 x PCIe x16 2 x PCIe 2.0 x1
Giao tiếp
Bộ chip Intel® H81 : 2 x Cổng USB 3.0/2.0 (2 ở mặt sau, màu xanh, màu xanh)Bộ chip Intel® H81 : 6 x Cổng USB 2.0 (2 ở mặt sau, màu xanh, màu đen, 4 ở giữa bo mạch)
Bộ nhớ
2 x DIMM, Max. 16GB, DDR3 1600/1333/1066 MHz Không ECC, Không Đệm Bộ nhớ Kiến trúc bộ nhớ Kênh đôi Hỗ trợ công nghệ bộ nhớ Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)
Công nghệ âm thanh
Realtek® ALC887 8-kênh CODEC Âm thanh HD *2
Cổng I/O phía sau
1 x bàn phím PS / 2 (màu tím)1 x chuột PS / 2 (màu xanh)1 x DVI1 x D-Sub1 x cổng LAN (RJ45)2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (màu xanh) 2 x USB 2.0 3 x giắc cắm âm thanh
Cổng I/O ở trong
2 x kết nối USB 2.0 hỗ trợ thêm 4 cổng USB 2.02 x kết nối SATA 6Gb / s2 x kết nối SATA 3Gb / s 1 x kết nối CPU Fan (1 x 4 chân)1 x kết nối Chassis Fan (1 x 4 chân)1 cổng S/PDIF out header(s)1 x kết nối điện năng 24-pin EATX1 x kết nối điện năng 4-pin ATX 12V1 x kết nối Giắc cắm âm thanh (AAFP)1 x Bộ kết nối loa nội bộ1 x Đầu cắm mặt trước 1 x chân nối Clear CMOS
Kết nối mạng LAN
Realtek® 8111G, 1 x Bộ điều khiển Gigabit LAN
Kích thước
Dạng thiết kế uATX 8.9 inch x 6.9 inch ( 22.6 cm x 17.5 cm )
Bảo hành
36 tháng
Hãng sản xuất


Micro-ATX H81 sở hữu UEFI BIOS trực quan, hiệu năng đồ họa tích hợp vượt trội và hiệu năng USB 3.0 độc nhất.
  • UEFI BIOSmới-thân thiện, dễ sử dụng hơn vàtrực quan hơnvà tăng thêm thong tin hữu ích.
  • Tăng tốc USB 3.0 Boost (Hỗ trợ UASP) – Tốc độ truyền nhanh hơn 170% so với USB 3.0 truyền thống
  • AI Suite 3-Chỉ một giao diện để đến với các ứng dụng tiên tiến của ASUS
  • GPU Boost-Thăng Cấp Tới mức giới hạn với iGPU!
  • EPU – Hiệu quả năng lượngtoàn diệnvàthiết lập chi tiếtcông suất CPU
So sánh

New UEFI BIOS – friendlier and more intuitive

Exclusive EZ Mode adds useful info to become even easier

Media-renowned UEFI BIOS from ASUS provides the smoothest mouse-controlled graphical BIOS, and now features more intuitive functions to quickly take you to favorite BIOS pages and frequently-accessed settings through custom shortcuts. You can even write quick notes in-BIOS for future reference, view an activity log of setting changes and modifications, and rename SATA ports. EZ Mode has a whole new look, upgraded with extra-friendly capabilities like detailed fan controls, XMP profile settings, SATA information, and fast clock adjustment. Together, these perfect your BIOS experience.

1. Fast Clock Adjustment

Easily change the time and date in EZ Mode using the mouse.

2. EZ XMP Settings

Quickly apply XMP settings in UEFI BIOS EZ Mode, achieving better DRAM performance.

3. EZ Fan Settings

As demanded by the community, detailed fan controls come to EZ Mode so you can switch fan profiles for quick cooling and noise-level supervision.

4. SATA Information

Displays each SATA port details for you to easily recognize devices.

My Favorites

Get all your favorite functions on one page

F4 or right click to add settings to My Favorites under Advanced Mode, which cuts time spent on searching and further speeds up system tuning.


One press to apply and access frequent settings

Now you can customize your own shortcut log by pressing F4 or right clicking to create shortcuts to frequently-used settings. Instantly access them by simply hitting the F3 hotkey.

Quick Note

You no longer need to have a pen and paper notepad around. Quick Note works inside the BIOS so you can just type remarks and ideas to help you remember important settings info and save time on trial and error.

Last Modified

Always forget those important BIOS changes you did? This friendly function creates a tuning log to track your BIOS settings history, which can be saved onto a USB drive.

SATA Port Renaming

You can rename your SATA ports for easy identification, including by usage scenario. Get greater convenience and spend less time on finding the right devices when you want to change settings.

USB 3.0 Boost (UASP Support)

170% faster transfer speeds than traditional USB 3.0

ASUS USB 3.0 Boost technology supports UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) in Windows 8. With USB 3.0 Boost technology, a USB device’s transmission speed is significantly increased up to 170%, adding to already fast USB 3.0 performance. ASUS software automatically accelerates data rates for compatible USB 3.0 peripherals without any user interaction.

  • World’s 1st USB 3.0 UASP support – instantly 170% faster.
  • Complete USB 3.0 solution – performance boost under Turbo Mode or UASP Mode for most USB devices.
  • Simple plug and boost – auto detection design ensures best performance.

Hands-on Video

GPU Boost

Go to the limit with iGPU level up!

GPU Boost accelerates the integrated GPU for extreme graphics performance. The user-friendly interface facilitates flexible frequency adjustments. It easily delivers stable system-wide upgrades for every use.

Network iControl

Real-time network bandwidth management

One click to prioritize network traffic for applications you’re currently using or set up favorite profiles to run at specific times. Avoid network congestion, speed up downloading, and make sure online gaming runs optimized, all through an intuitive user interface.

USB 3.0 integration

Double USB access, double the convenience

ASUS facilitates USB 3.0 accessibility for rear panel. Experience the latest plug n play connectivity at speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Our motherboards afford greater convenience with high speed connectivity.

SATA 6.0 Gb/s

Twice the speed

ASUS provides SATA 6.0 Gb/s ports with enhanced scalability, faster data retrieval, and double the bandwidth of SATA 3Gb/s.



Effortless PCI Express component removal

Press the Q-Slot clip lightly, and graphics cards just pop out. The large winged clip is easy to reach so you don’t have to struggle with installing or removing even the biggest graphics cards.

Hands-on Video

Windows 8 Exclusive Features

ASUS Boot Setting

Multiple startup options

Thanks to ASUS Windows 8 hardware optimization, ASUS Boot Setting provides better flexibility in customizing your PC’s startup process. You can shorten system boot-up time to 2-seconds* for a smoother user experience under Windows 8, and even previous versions of Windows. Also, you can enter the BIOS directly with one click through a user-friendly interface, and quickly select your preferred system boot up method: either get to the OS in seconds or opt for regular boot up. Whatever your choice, settings are saved and persistent, with no need to choose every time you power on.
*On select models

Hands-On Video

Probe II Sense

Handy system monitoring

Popular ASUS real-time system monitoring software now available for Windows 8. It helps you supervise your entire PC through a live tile on the Windows 8 start screen, and make quick adjustments. Probe II Sense is a free app available from the Windows Store.

AI Suite 3

One-stop access to innovative ASUS features

ASUS AI Suite 3 offers a brand new user experience through a clearer and more attractive interface with support for larger monitors. It consolidates all exclusive ASUS features into one simple-to-use package, allowing you to supervise overclocking, energy consumption, fan speeds, voltages and more. This all-in-one app offers diverse and easy to use functionality, with no need to switch back and forth between different utilities.


All-round energy efficiency and detailed CPU wattage settings

Tap into the world’s first real-time PC power saving chip through the AI Suite 3 utility. Get total system-wide energy optimization by automatically detecting current PC loadings and intelligently moderating power consumption. It can directly reduce CPU wattage to an indicated level on demand and manually switch to Max Power Saving Mode for further energy savings, creating a more efficient PC.

Fan Xpert

Dedicated CPU and case fan controls

ASUS Fan Xpert intelligently allows you to adjust CPU and case fan speeds according to different ambient temperatures in diverse climate conditions and locations, as well as actual PC loading. Various preset fan performance profiles offer flexible fan speed controls to achieve a quiet and cool environment.

CrashFree BIOS 3

Restore corrupted BIOS data from USB storage

ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 allows users to restore corrupted BIOS data from a USB flash drive or support CD containing a BIOS file. This utility saves you the cost and hassle of buying a replacement BIOS chip.

Hands-On Video

EZ Flash 2

Easy BIOS updates from USB outside the OS

Quickly update your BIOS from a USB flash drive before entering the OS. It only takes a few clicks, with no floppy disk or an OS-based flash utility.

CPU and Chipset Features

Intel® LGA1150 4th Generation Core™ i7/Core™ i5/Core™ i3/Pentium®/Celeron® Processors Ready

This motherboard supports Intel® 4th generation Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium®/Celeron® processors in the LGA1150 package, with iGPU, memory and PCI Express controllers integrated to support onboard graphics output with dedicated chipsets, 2-channel (2 DIMM) DDR3 memory and 16 PCI Express lanes. This provides great graphics performance. Intel® 4th generation Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium®/Celeron® processors are among the most powerful and energy efficient CPUs in the world.

Intel® H81 Chipset

The Intel® H81 chipset is a single-chipset design that supports socket LGA1150 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium®/Celeron® processors. It provides improved performance by utilizing serial point-to-point links, allowing increased bandwidth and stability. It natively supports up to two USB 3.0 ports for up to ten times faster transfer rates than USB 2.0. Moreover, the Intel® H81 chipset also supports iGPU functionality, letting users enjoy the latest Intel integrated graphics performance.

Intel® Smart Connect Technology

Auto application refresh and shorter wait times

Your computer can receive web updates with fresh content for selected applications, even when the system is in sleep mode. This means less time waiting for applications to update and sync with the cloud, leading to a more efficient computing experience.

Intel® Rapid Start Technology

Instantly awaken your PC from sleep mode

Allows your computer to quickly resume from a low-power hibernate state in seconds. Saving your system memory to the designated SSD, it provides your computer a faster wake-up response time, while still keeping energy use low.

*Due to the limitation of the Intel® H81chipset, Intel® Rapid Start Technology can be configured only from the BIOS Setup program.


Motherboards are EU Energy-related Products (ErP) ready, which requires products meet high efficiency standards with regards to energy consumption. This is in line with the ASUS vision of creating environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient products through design and innovation that reduce the carbon footprint of products and thus mitigate ecological impact.

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